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I bet that you’re reading this page because you’re already thinking of making the leap. Maybe you’re tired. Maybe you’re anxious or unsure about the future of your relationship. Perhaps you just have the vague feeling that you aren’t living the life you were meant to lead.

My name is Dr. Holly Cox, and I founded Lotus Therapy Center to help individuals and couples reconnect with a sense of health and purpose. Counseling is many things, but at its best, it is a vehicle for discovery and transformation. Many of us have long-standing, seemingly intractable problems that sap our energy and dim our joy. Making even tiny changes in those patterns of sadness, anxiety and pain can yield big results.

Often, folks choose goals that are too large out of a sense of guilt or shame that the problem isn’t solved already. This is a recipe for failure. I can help you break down the feelings and behaviors into smaller components, set goals that are truly manageable and get you started down the path to feeling better.

Any client that I see, from folks presenting with OCD to those coming to alleviate poor relationship patterns, are asked this important question: “What would be the first, smallest change that would let you know your goal is starting to happen?” Then, we start about instituting that tiniest change right away. I love rooting around in the past and looking at patterns and memories that will, when understood, help shine the light of understanding on a murky problem. But, I believe that contemplation has to be paired with the empowering sensation of forward motion. Otherwise, the reflection can begin to seem like all there is. And no matter what you are facing, wherever you are now is never all there is.

Finally, at the end of the day, therapy and life coaching can be kind of…fun. I know that nobody ever comes to see me because they’re too happy. I get that, I do. But, I think there is something intellectually and spiritually tasty about getting to know yourself in the company of someone who is interested in helping you taking that journey. Therapy isn’t just for depression and anxiety, though it is helpful for those things. It is also a place to nurture who you want to be–to get feedback on those topics, and to savor that accomplishment.

If you would like to learn more about how therapy and life coaching can help you, email me at holly@lotustherapycenter.com.

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