FREE Pet Loss Support Group Time Change

The FREE Pet Loss Support Group is now going to be on the second Tuesday of every month. There is no cost for this session, and the group lasts for 50 minutes. If it will be your first time with us, please shoot me an email at holly@lotustherapycenter or call me at 407-913-4988 so that I can get a head count.  Also, there because I am attempting to make this a community of pet lovers who support one another, there is a group set up for these meetings on You can look up Central Florida Pet Loss Group and find our group page once you get to that site. A few of the veteran group members are members on the meetup site. There is a message board set up so that we can share information including articles or other resources that might be helpful.

I would be delighted if you could bring a photo of the pet you lost, but it is not a requirement. We love to see who we’re talking about. Please pass this information around!

Your Partner in Healing,  Holly

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  1. This is such a wonderful idea, I can’t even tell you! I know people sometimes feel silly publicly mourning the loss of a pet with those who may not understand the bond, it’s unfortunate. Being able to share that with others and properly grieve is so important. Kudos to you!

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