On Having a Good Cry and a Great 2016

When was the last time you had a really good cry? You know the ones that make you feel a little wrung out inside…slightly weary and perhaps kind of light-headed?

I’m an exceptionally easy crier. I cry when I am too happy, too miserable or too anything at all (for which I seem to have a low threshold). I cry at those diaper commercials with the brand new babies air nursing in their sleep and at the ones with Sarah McLachlan balefully yodeling over sad pictures of pound puppies. I cried when I got married and my children were born and my dad told me he was going to retire. I cried because my wonderful friend, Katrin, did an amazing fund raiser for Syrian refugees and then I cried thinking of the plight of Syrian refugees. Today, I cried because my wonderful ophthalmologist, who never minds when I cry during my appointments, is moving to New Jersey. It was a double cry fest up in his office today.

I think this particular quirk of mine is a foundational explanation for why I am so comfortable doing a job in which most of my day is spent with crying people. Usually, the most immediate thing a new client does when crying in front of me for the first time is apologize. And, I tell them that it’s alright–because it really is alright. Being with someone while they cry is a sacred thing. I am always grateful for the opportunity to be present in those sessions. The intersection of the sometimes terrible now with the desperate hope for a different, better future is powerful–even if it comes dressed up as tears.

I hope that as 2016 gets underway we all work to be more in touch with our emotions rather than less. I hope we stop feeling ashamed of genuine displays of feelings and instead find constructive, meaningful ways to roar them out to the world like the badass lions we all are. And mostly, I hope we support one another in shows of vulnerability and honesty because those are the cornerstones of emotional health and spiritual flexibility.

Would you like to make this year the one in which your accelerated evolution brings you to happy tears? Are you ready to transform into the person you deserve to be? Why don’t you come on in so we can talk about it.

Your Partner in Healing,


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