Spring Cleaning for your Brain

I am having a very good week.

Several of the clients I am most concerned about are doing much better, I got the thumbs up from my doctor to begin planning for a new pregnancy in the fall, and my house is reasonably clean. There are many weeks when I reach Friday by crawling across the finish line rather than sailing over it. But this is one of those rosy-hued swaths of time when everything seems to be going mostly as it should.

Pretty soon now, my practice will being slowing down for the summer, and I will start to make plans for warm weather trips to the beach up to North Carolina to see my folks. I’m already attempting to drag my friends out for a pre-pregnancy trip to Las Vegas. Last time I was there I took my one-year-old munchkin. Not as much fun as one would imagine. Don’t get me wrong, chasing him through the neon jungle of smoke and leather-skinned lounge lizards from Omaha with one shoe on was fun. But, I think I’ll pass on it for next time.

What are your plans for the spring and summer? Will you be using this time as a detox for something big you’re planning? Have you hit your stride and are planning on keeping it that way? Here are a few tips for making this time of the year a real oasis of awesomeness.

1. Be Friendly: I know you guys must think I come up with the hokiest stuff. But, I have started to really take stock of what my clients say when they tally up their happiness quotient. They have told me that when they get their heads out of their own lives and tune into others (not in a codependent way, mind you) they feel better. They are able to clear the air mentally. They feel less bogged down.

2. Practice what you Preach: I have noticed over the years that the speeches people give best to others are the ones that most reflect their own personal areas of challenge. I know that I am consistently giving people the “slow down and smell the roses” talk from my soapbox. I have perfected it because I know of what I speak, and have come up with some pretty good advice for myself about it. As a journal exercise, write down the advice you seem to give most often or most eloquently to others. Reflect deeply on how that wisdom could be used lovingly in your own life to break some nasty emotional habits that are just waiting to be conquered.

3) Roses have Thorns: I am repeating this particular pearl of wisdom that was passed on to me by one of my most insightful and wonderful clients. She told me once that she has realized that boundaries are a good thing because even the most beautiful roses have thorns just to slow the world down from picking them off willy nilly. She’s right about that. Where do you need more boundaries in your life? Do you need them with work or your family? Do you need to develop boundaries with food to address overeating, anorexia, or bulimia? Maybe you need to make a boundary with worry, and set a few moments aside in which worry will not be allowed to intrude.

Good luck with all the big things you’re planning for the upcoming season. I’d love to hear what they are!

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