A Quick Note about Brief Therapy

If I thought something was going to take a long time, I would put it off until I was sure I had racked up enough hours on my schedule to do it the right way. I am, in fact, really familiar with this idea. It sort of permeates my long-term struggle to develop a strong taste for fitness and healthy eating. “Well,” I logic to myself, “I might as well get started out on the right foot—right after the New Year’s.” Has the New Year ever become July or October for you too?

In my experience, folks struggling with some sort of emotional or spiritual distress run up against this same dilemma when thinking about coming to therapy. It does make sense, if you think about it. Why start counseling when you are too stressed, frazzled, or over-committed to “really” take advantage of it? Why open up old wounds when you’re already spread thin and your resources are committed to just hanging in there? These are good questions; I have a few answers.

There is a mythology out there that therapy must be long, intense, and full of soggy Kleenex in order to be effective. While there are many instances in which it is helpful to get at the architecture of the bad stuff (the experiential and emotional blue prints informing the hurts so to speak) there is also something to be said for starting from the here and now. Therapy is not just about pathologies of individuals and relationships. It is also about figuring out what is already working, developing a plan to do more of that, and charting a course for the future based on the strengths you have right now, this very moment. That, you can start today. You don’t have to switch into your marathon gear. You don’t have to plan your next three years around it. Get started recognizing that nobody ever changes because he or she is too comfortable. You already have some knowing about what it will take to get back on track If you allow yourself to get in touch with it. Besides, some research shows that therapists are far more enraptured with long-term work than clients ever are.

Good luck giving yourself permission to accept that this moment is a good enough time to start.

Your Partner in Healing,   Holly

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