A Note of Thanksgiving

Most of the time, the posts I write here are artifacts of something that has happened to me as a therapist. My own emotional landscape is pulled and shaped by the challenges my clients and I have faced together over the week. This blog is strange brew of clinical observation and personal viewpoints.

But this week, I’m not seeing clients. My husband is attending a conference in Vegas, and I tagged along for a week of post-Thanksgiving Day rest and relaxation. The big event of my trip here has been realizing that I never have time to watch as much trashy TV as I would like. Could it be possible to love those “People’s Court” type shows any more than I do? I have been basking in the tawdry glow of fake small claims litigation for at least three days now. At night, I put on a fancy dress and play nickel slots until I panic about losing more than $20 and head back to the buffet. It has been the perfect, perfect vacation. But, it doesn’t really lend itself to blogging. Not this kind of blogging, anyway.

At Thanksgiving, as I was discussing our trip out west, a family member remarked, “Thank God you’re getting away–I don’t know how you do what you all day.” I think therapists hear that particular line of, “Ye Gads, I’d hate your job” commentary more than anyone except, perhaps podiatrists. And maybe dentists. But, I don’t understand that really. I can’t imagine doing anything other than being a therapist. I truly love it.

So, this blog is a thank you note to all the clients who have allowed me to enter their lives and share in their stories. I think the role of listening and bearing witness is a sacred one. I take it seriously. Too often in life, our most compelling stories–the ones that make us the most human–go untold. As a therapist, I get to hear those clients’ stories in the full color a safe therapy space offers. It’s true that I help clients process some pretty terrible things. But, my role offers me the opportunity to be present with people as they change their lives and throw off the shackles of trauma, anxiety and sadness. I get the honor of helping them reauthor stories that are disempowering and choosing new pathways for themselves. It’s like watching the sun rise every day I go into my office. What a magnificent gift! I can’t imagine why anyone wouldn’t want to be me for a day.

Thanks again for allowing me to join you in your journey.

Your Partner in Healing,


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